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Roger Koplin Jr

Call or use feedback form to contact Roger if you are a 190 + bowler looking to upgrade their game to become a completive bowler. Roger if a past PBA touring pro with years of experience teaching professional bowlers how to become competitive bowlers.

You will learn how to read lane, how to control your arc point, ball reactions and numinous other bowling techniques need to become an elite bowler.

Phone: (916) 267-8564
John Eberhard

John excels at teaching bowling with no experience up to 180 bowlers the fundamentals of bowling. By teaching bowlers the fundamentals of bowling, they are able to reach their potential much faster.

Most beginning bowlers he works with who average around 100 or lower are able to average up 150 in just few months time. 160 average bowlers begin to see the potential to average 190 or better.

Phone: (775) 762-6018
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